About us

Welcome to Vegan CPH Cosmetics

Vegan CPH Cosmetics is based in Denmark. We are the official supplier and retailers of PHB Ethical Beauty products. We are one of europe's most exclusive retailer of natural, organic, vegan and halal cosmetics. (Halal - meaning all products are free from alcohol & genetically modified ingredients).

Here at vegancphcosmetics.com, we understand that what goes on to the skin, goes into skin. Furthermore, we believe that nature has provided us with everything we need to have a healthy, happy skin and has a remedy for all skin types/colours and needs. We feel it's our responsibility to have a positive impact on the planet, to care for our environment and for the welfare of animals. This is why all products are free from animal ingredients and harmful synthetic chemicals - handmade using only 100% natural, organic derived ingredients, that are proven to be safe and effective on the skin. As a living organ, your skin responds to authentic and natural ingredients in the same way the rest of your body does. 

It is our aim to offer high quality and certified beauty products, to anyone who wants to live in cohesion with their beliefs or are interested in products that are mild to the skin, the environment. That is why we have chosen to work with producers, who share our ideology and produce high quality natural beauty products that are natural, vegan, halal and cruelty-free. We choose fair-traded, sustainable, vegan, animal-friendly ingredients. 

Good working conditions, proper pay etc. are also a priority for us. That is why we also work with producers, who produce their products after these guidelines. As a compassionate company, we donate to charity, to help improve the lives of humans and animals around the world. We try to make a difference in people and animals lives, as we believe in them over profit. By buying our products, you are supporting our business - to help people and animals who really need it and together we can have a positive influence and impact on the world. Thank you, we are grateful!

When you visit vegancphcosmetics.com, you can be sure that we have thought about your health, your skin, your beliefs and the environment. You can safely choose between the products and not have any doubts or worry whatsoever, about their contents or ingredients. In order for you to get as much information about your product as possible, we have provided a ingredient list for each product - this way, you know exactly, what will be going on your skin. As we all know, "what goes on to the skin, goes into the skin." 

You can find us here on PETAs list of cruelty-free companies & "cruelty - free shopping guide" 

We hope you enjoy shopping here with us at Vegancphcosmetics.com!